Formulated by Dr. Perl, MD, MSc, with 30 years of expertise in weight loss treatments.
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Dr. Perl's
Appetite & Fat Control

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Dr. Perl's
Natural Laxative

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Dr. Perl's

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“Losing weight changed my life. I feel agile, cheerful. I love looking myself in the mirror. I feel happy”.

M.R.C., 57 years old woman, obese with hypertension. Lost 28 ponds in 5 months.

Dr. Victor Perl

With more than 30 year of expertise in nutrition, Dr Victor Perl is a leading authority on weight loss treatments. Throughout his professional life, he has treated more than 20,000  obese and overweight patients using different kinds of natural formulations. This experience has led him to reach to conceive optimum formulations for the treatment of obesity.

He has been advisor to laboratories and food companies regarding the formulation of functional foods and dietary supplements. Dr Perl introduced green tea, green coffee, hoodia gordonii and mate (ilex paraguensys) in obesity treatments. He also developed some specific vitamin  and mineral formulations for people who are dieting.

Dr. Perl lives in Santiago, Chile.