Does Green Coffee Help With Weight Loss?

Green Coffee has several components of which caffeine is the best known. However, chlorogenic acid contained in Green Coffee in large quantities is the ingredient that has attracted most of the attention during the last few years due to its benefits for people who are trying to lose weight.

The main mechanisms involved in managing obesity that characterize Green Coffee consist in:

  1. Reducing up to 20% the absorption of glucose from the digestive tube;
  2. Regulating blood glucose levels;
  3. Reducing insulin demand, which is particularly important for insulin-resistant persons;
  4. Inhibiting fat (triglycerides) absorption from the intestine into the bloodstream;
  5. Reducing build up of adipose tissue;
  6. Stimulating UCP-1 proteins, thus accelerating the metabolism and dissipating energy in the form of heat, a mechanism that promotes weight loss.

Another feature that is worth noting is the fact that chlorogenic acid reduces blood pressure, thus counteracting the hypertension effect of caffeine. This makes Green Coffee safe for hypertensive persons (people with high blood pressure).

In addition, Green Coffee features a powerful antioxidant activity that protects the cells in our body from free radicals. I take this opportunity to remind you of the fact that free radicals are extremely harmful molecules that are produced in large quantities in people who exercise.

To conclude, Green Coffee is most beneficial for persons who are trying to lose weight, particularly for those who wish to get rid of excess body fat. However, being chlorogenic acid the most important ingredient, its concentration should be at 50%. This is the basis for Dr. Perl's Appetite & Fat Control.

When assessing a food supplement, before buying it, you should make sure that it has been manufactured by a laboratory that complies with cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)  quality standards.