How can you reduce the risk of Breast Cancer

One of the main concerns of women is the risk of developing a cancer, especially a breast cancer. Approximately 1 of every 10 women will develop a breast throughout their life. Like most cancers,  breast cancer  has a predisposing factor that corresponds to the inheritance or genetic, which still we cannot handle. But there are also environmental factors, that we can modify.

Of all the environmental risk factors, the most important is obesity. A study published by the American Cancer Society involving 62,756 women, concluded that women who increase between 20 to 35 pounds during the past 18 years, the risk of developing breast cancer increases by 40 %.
Why obesity?  The adipose tissue produces “three problems” known to affect the breasts

  1. Increases  estrogens
  2. Increases insulin resistance
  3. Decreases a protein, the SHBG

Fat tissue has the property to produce estrogen. The greater the amount of fat, the higher amount of estrogen. This hormone is known for its responsibility in the development of both breast  as well as uterus cancer.  Many obese women have an excess of another hormone, insulin.

This hormone works similar to estrogens stimulating the cells of the breast to develop a cancer.
In addition the adipose tissue reduces the amount of a protein whose function is  to “inactivate” estrogens, is the SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). When SHBG is reduced, a  greater amount of free estrogen is circulating in blood, a increasing the risk to breasts.
With regard to food,  there are some that also increase the risk for breast cancer, such as fats and alcohol. Fats, especially saturated fats, significantly increase the risk breast. Alcohol is important  to consider it. It doesn’t  matter the origin of alcohol: wine, beer or strong drinks.

Women who consume 10 grams of alcohol per day, increases the risk by 7% in relationship to women who do not drink.  What are 10 grams of alcohol?  Is equivalent to 1 glass of wine, 1 can of beer or a measure  ( 1 oz) of  whisky.

To conclude, if you are overweight or obese, reduce weight (reduce fat)  as soon as possible. This, along with a diet poor in saturated fats and consuming alcohol only on an occasional basis, you will greatly reduce your risk of a breast cancer.